Where next for resource licensing?

JIBS-Eduserv Seminar, Wednesday 16 June 2010

Khalili Lecture Theatre, (Main Building, Russell Square Campus), School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London


Arrival, registration and coffee


Welcome from Chair: Sarah Thompson, Acquisitions Librarian, University of York.


Keynote: Owen Stephens.  Where are you: Does physical location matter in the digital world? Owen is an independent consultant specialising in the use of IT in libraries, as well as a practising librarian currently working on the TELSTAR project at the Open University. Drawing on his knowledge of Access and Identity Management (AIM) and licensing in the UK HE sector, Owen will explore the issues of how we provide access to library collections in a digital world


Louise Cole, Senior Information Advisor (Collections) at Kingston University. “Thorny issues in licensing: an institution’s view” - Some of the ‘thorny issues’ around licences which librarians experience, and how a new generation of licences could evolve to address these issues.


Josephine Burt, Business Development Manager at The Open University. "Fit for the future; the challenges of an expanding customer base" - the OU’s experience of providing access to diverse groups in the UK and internationally.



Jenny Carroll, Marketing and Communications at Eduserv. “It’s all a question of scale – joint initiatives in HE institutions.” The results of a survey of Eduserv Data Contacts.

1 -  1.45pm



Matt Durant, Bath Spa University’s Information Manager (Digital Resources).  An Open Athens case study” and the issues involved in configuring systems for different users.


Ed Dee, Manager of the UK Access Management Federation support group based at EDINA. “SAML protected resources: the theory and practice of granularity and management data.”


Mark Bide, Executive Director of EDItEUR (the international trade standards organisation for electronic commerce in the book and serials sectors).  Machine readable licences (ONIX PL)


Martyn Jansen, Contracts & Legal Compliance Manager, Eduserv. "Use, users and usage": How Eduserv is planning to address some of the issues raised today.


Tea, discussion, questions


Sum up and close



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